week 6-ICT outside the classroom

This is about how to use Technology outside. Mixing technology which has a typical use indoors and the outdoors so that it gets kids creating and being imaginative with IT and outdoors. Learning outside the classroom can be beneficial for children as it helps with their holistic development. It will build their social and physical skills, it will help build their confidence and self esteem. It will also improve their knowledge and understanding if they are able to actually physically perform a task, as opposed to just listening to the teachers.

As part of this module in (semester 1) we also had the pleasure of learning outside the classroom. For this we went to Nell Bank. This was a wonderful experience as it allowed us to explore the educational opportunities outside. We worked in teams for different activities and the overall experience was lovely as it broke up from the traditional way of learning indoors in a classroom. We also used different forms of technology, used maps (GPS) used the camera to take pictures and made videos.

In this session I learnt that we don’t just have to be sat inside a classroom to use IT.it can be done outdoors too and we learnt the use of different devices, such as camcorder ,an iPad (to make notes)

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