week 7-Distance Learning

Distance learning is a way of getting an education without actually physically attending school or classes. While there are benefits of distance learning ,there are some disadvantages too. Some of the benefits are : the flexibiltiy and freedom of working in the comfort in our own home, not having any working hours. Some disadvantages are that there can be distractions at home therefore it can be hard to work and meet deadlines.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are also working from home or it would not be wrong to say we are experiencing distance learning. So far I have enjoyed the experience as we all get our lectures online using the Microsoft teams app. One of the best things I noticed about this is that the tutors.. can record the sessions and students can access it easily if they missed the session earlier or if they want to go back and get a better understanding of something that was said. During the session we also played a distance learning kahoot game.it was an incredible opportunity to learn and play the game from the comfort of our own home.

To reflect back on this session I will you the Rolf et al reflection model

What?- initially when the session started i was abit nervous because it was the first time i had done distance learning

So what? played a game of kahoot to ease off the nerves and have fun

Now what? when the session came to an end, I was happy because I noticed the session was recorded which meant we can go back to it if we missed out any information.

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