week 5 – Digital literacy

Digital literacy is the ability to show understanding on how to use technology including cameras, computers and multimedia. It also means to be able to write content digitally, for example writing emails, using audio devices, writing blogs and tweets (Heitin, 2016).Some of the benefits of digital literacy are that it is easy to gain information and it helps to boost children’s engagement and concentration levels in the classroom. In today’s digital age, it is very important to be “digitally literate” because it creates new ways to teach and learn. (morris, 2018)

In this session we learnt the importance of digital literacy, as a student I knew about how to use word documents, and PowerPoints, but there were many aspects of this which I did not know about and learnt them in class during session for example I did not know that I can use the reference tab at the top of word document to do my references. I also did not know how to use excel, but when taught in class I figured out that it was easy to work out how to make spreadsheets. This is a really useful tool for me as I can plan my weekly budget and record income and expenditures.

To reflect on this session, I used the Rolf et al reflection model

What? (problem)- did not know how to use refrence tab in word document and excel

So what? (what actions were taken to solve the problem?) – I asked the teachers to show me how to use excel

Now what? (goal achieved) I was able to learn and put in practise the use of word and excel

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