week 2 Blogging

Blogging is an essential part of today’s digital world.It has a lot of benefits such as, it gives opportunities to express our self and share things which a person is passionate about .It also helps to improve our writing skills, creates memories and helps us to reflective back and improve ourselves and eventually learn how to make money online and be our own boss.

When I started this module, I had no idea about what blogging is really about. we learnt about blogging and started to set up our own blog post on wordpress. As a class we started the session with a really fun activity playing kahoot. Kahoot is an online programme which allows us to test our knowledge and skills. It is a series of questions with between two to four multiple-choice answers to choose from. You can add engaging images to your quiz question

Reflecting back to this session, I want to use Schon model (1991) I can safely say that I enjoyed and learnt a lot. I feel happy about blogging and I feel that I may start my own personal blog too

Reflection in action (at the time when the event is happening) it was fun and interactive

Reflection on action (after the event) – a good session built up on my knowledge about blogging and started to set up my own blog

refrences https://lifelonglearningwithot.wordpress.com/2016/05/02/different-models-of-reflection-using-them-to-help-me-reflect/

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