week 4- Presentations

Presenting information clearly and effectively is a key skill in getting your message across. But not everyone finds this easy, some people find it challenging to stand infront of a group of people and talk. But when practised properly it can become very easy and help boost confidence.

In this session we all had to do an individual presentation on the importance of E safety. We had To present a professional presentation incorporating advanced features such as; sound, video, animation, action buttons, hyperlinks and master slides.

In my presentation I used images and video links to grab the audiences attention. I also walked around the classroom and asked questions to my peers, this was a good step to keep the audiences engaged and check their listening skills.

To reflect back on this session, I would use the Schon reflective model (1991)

Reflection in action (at the time the event is happening) when the presentation started, initially I was nervous, overwhelmed and not confident because I had not presented individually In front a group of people before

Reflection on action (after the event) as the presentation progressed, I became confident and started engaging with the audiences, I was happy because this experience helped to boost my confidence.

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